Friday, April 10, 2009

DX Henshin Belt Garren Rouser

Alright, alright, alright..... Bandai loves to rake money from us poor collectors. Why? Rider System No. 01 in the show, a.k.a. Garren Belt system has an exact outer design with Rider System No. 02 Blade Blay Buckle. Why did I still buy it? Well, to complete one set of course. Now, for the verdicts.

i) The Belt system is exactly identical to the show and identical to the Blay Buckle.

ii) The Belt provided is white/gray-ish instead of Blade's Red (matching Garren's Belt inb the show)

iii) The system works exactly like the show. You have the batteries in, On-Off Buttons and then you work it out by first turning it ON. The Green light at the top left will blink once. Don't forget to place the Change Category Ace Diamond Card in as well (though, the belt system still works without the card - this shows that the system ain't so smart). Two other cards included are Garren and Smash (Burning Smash in Katakana). Then connect the two halves of the belt together and wallah, you have Garren's Henshin Preparation Sound. Pull the trigger on the right and you get the Card Tray turning upside down and revealing a Golden Diamond Emblem on a Green Rectangle, while playing Garren's Henshin sound. Nothing else can be played with this system.

Final Verdict: I'd give a similar ratings on total for this, ie: 3.5/5 but for the value for money, I'd only give 2.8/ for one reason, Garren's belt is exactly the same price as the Blay Buckle and from the show's perspective, Garren gives me the impression of a 'beaten-up' rider instead of Blade as a "Beat-Em-Up" Rider. All in all, very good for collection and display.