Friday, May 15, 2009

DX Henshin Belt Chalice Rouser

Alright this time we have what we call the Rouser belt for Kamen Rider Chalice. As we all know, Chalice is also from the KR Blade series and this is DX Henshin Belt 03. Different from the previous 2, this one is actually a Rouser. Fans or those who've watched Blade before will know what a Rouser is but I'll explain. A Rouser is where a Rider in the Blade line swipe their cards to execute their attacks. In this case, Chalice's Buckle is a sort of portable Rouser that can be removed to fit to the weapon.

On to the item:

i) Similar to all DX Henshin Belt releases, this one is also meant for children, that is 50cm to 72cm waists. Normal adults can't fit in for sure but the Buckle sure looks accurately sized.

ii) Instead of 3 Cards, this set includes 12 Cards as it is a Rouser (all Rouser toys in the Blade lines are given 12 cards). In addition, a card deck holder (not seen in any of the Rousers of Blade or Garren) is included and can be attached to the side of the Belt strap for storage. The deck case can be opened and locked whichever way you choose and can store around 13 - 15 cards max.

iii) Similar to all Rousers, there's a button on the top left corner to reproduce sounds of cards that you have swiped, in the same order.

iv) To perform the Henshin sound, set the Rouser at either A or B and swipe the Change (Category Ace Heart) card to activate the Henshin sound. Do note that without any memory, the Button said above will produce the Henshin sound as well.

v) Each card will provide different sounds and of course some are repetitive due to the bar code on the bottom left corner of the card being similar.

vi) There are 2 modes to play with in this set and I find it very interesting. Mode A is unlimited mode and Mode B is the Limited mode. Mode A lets you swipe uncountable number of cards at any attack points (listed on the top left corner of the cards). Mode B is the limited mode where similar in the show, Chalice only has 7000 Attack Points and you can only swipe cards to a total of 7k APs or less. Let's say you swiped the Spinning Wave card with 2k AP three times, you can swipe another card which is 1k AP or less.

vii) There is one available combo that is achievable in this set alone. Swipe the Tornado Hawk card and the Chop Hammerhead cards in any order, press the button said above to produce the actual Spinning Wave sound and attack. There are other possible combos like the Spinning Dance and so on but even I myself do not know where the other Rouse cards are. I even have the DX Chalice Arrow and the DX Wild Slasher but within these sets only 2 cards are the ones from the series, Reflect (in DX Chalice Arrow) and Wild (in DX Wild Slasher). The Wild Card does not work with the DX Chalice Rouser as it will produce an error sound, just like cards of other signs like the Spade, Clover and Heart.

viii) Overall, a very fun toy and of course a tonnes of fun more than the previous 2. I liked the way the Buckle being the part and parcel of the Attack releasing device. The ability of this toy to act as a Rouser while maintaining at 4500 Yen is really incredible. I bet this thing is already very rare in the market but I did get the HK Repackaged versions at a very discounted price. If you see one, do grab it as it is tonnes of fun to play with.